Q. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspires you?

My name is Ally Gille, I am a photography student at Columbus College of Art & Design in Columbus, OH. I mainly enjoy doing commercial work, such as fashion photography, portraiture, product, and food photography. I am inspired whenever I see another photographer’s work that engages me. I follow plenty of photographers from around the world on Instagram, and seeing their amazing work always makes me want to become better at what I do.


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Q. What made decide to Instagram professionally?

I started my Instagram in 2011, right after the app came out on the market. Through the app, I met many amazing people who enjoyed photography as much as I do. After learning my love for photography, I realized that I wanted to make my account strictly that. Ever since, I have only posted my work for others to enjoy and admire. I have been running my Instagram professionally since about 2012, and have sponsored many companies since then.


Gatta Bag - Women Camera Bags


Q. How would you describe your style?

My personal style is girly, fun, and sometimes daring. I feel as though that is well displayed through my photographs and my feed, as I love collaborating with others to create beautiful work.

Q. Where is the most photogenic place you have ever been? 

I have been to both Germany and France twice. The most photogenic cities that I visited from those two were probably Heidelberg, Germany and Paris, France. I have family in Germany that I visit every few years, however Paris is my favorite city to photograph. Not only is it beautiful or photogenic because of the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de triumph, but the culture there is amazing. There are so many people from different places around the world who live the Parisian lifestyle. The atmosphere is my favorite part.

Q. What do you usually carry inside your GATTA bag? 

It depends on where I go, but typically I have my Canon 6D, 50mm f/1.8 lens, and one telephoto lens. If i decide to use film for the day, I take my rolleicord, mini tripod and about 5 rolls of 120mm film.


Gatta Bag - Women Camera Bags


Q. What do you like about your GATTA bag?

My gatta bag goes everywhere with me. It looks just like a purse, and it is so much more portable than a regular clunky camera bag would be. It is just the right size, and it is extremely chic. It protects my gear extremely well while disguising it.

Q. What’s your best photography advice?

My best photography advice to those starting out would be to get out there and shoot. Even if something is out of your comfort zone, practice taking photos of it. It may sound cliche, but practice really does make perfect when it comes to photography. I have been practicing for about 6 years and I still haven’t learned all there is to know.

Q. Where can we find you?

My instagram! @thestarvingartist, Facebook: Alexandra Elisabeth Photography, and twitter: @Allllyyyyyy 🙂


Gatta Bag - Women Camera Bags