8 Questions With Lisa Homsy

Lisa Homsy Most stylish camera bag

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Q. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspires you?

My name is Lisa and I am from Montreal, Canada. What inspires me is people, I love connecting, mingling and learning about people.

Q. What made decide to become a full-time travel content creator?

I have always had a passion for travel and photography. I have traveled the world and I love sharing my knowledge of travel and adventure with everyone. And what better platform than to share both on instagram!

Q. How would you describe your style?

Laid back. Plaid shirts and cut offs are my fav!

Q. Where is the most photogenic place you have ever been to? 

I just returned home from Iceland a few weeks ago and I have never seen a more vast landscape. Everywhere you look you are surrounded by such natural beauty. We couldn't stop saying "I cannot believe this is our planet".


Lisa Homsy Gatta Bag Stylish Camera Bag

Q. What do you usually carry inside your GATTA bag?

I typically don't leave the house without Nikon camera, sunglasses and lipstick and my phone in my bag. 

Q. What do you like about your GATTA bag?

I love that my bag is equal parts a camera bag as it is a purse. It's the ideal travel companion, all in one. Usually, I will pack a few purses on a trip depending on my outfit and mood. This was the only purse I packed for Iceland and it was perfect.

Q. What’s your best photography advice?

Play every chance you get! It's the only way you will get better. I Youtube a lot of stuff but at a certain point, you need to go outside and put your learnings to the test! 

Q. Where can we find you?

Follow my adventures on Instagram as I wander the world @lisahomsy


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